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  • Lokasyon: Austin, TX
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Why risk the hour drive from Austin to New Braunfels when you can take our Wheels to Wurstfest?  

Wurstfest was  voted the number two Oktoberfest in the country by USA Today!  This "10-Day Salute To Sausage" in New Braunfels is one of our favorite festivals of the year.  With sausage, beer, polka and potato pancakes as far as the eye can see, it's a Bavarian wonderland that's not to be missed.  

As the first company to ever offer round-trip transportation to Wurstfest, we make getting to New Braunfels easier than fitting into last years lederhosen.  


  • Worry free transportation from Revelry Bar + Kitchen in downtown Austin to / from Wurstfest in New Braunfels.
  • Buses are air conditioned motor coaches with bathrooms (crucial for the 1-1.5 hour long ride)!  
  • BYOB water, wine and beer welcome on the bus (no liquor please). 
  • Admission into the festival.
  • Pre and post Wurstfest Specials at our downtown Austin check-in location.
  • Each bus holds 54 guests so you can come by yourself and meet new friends or invite all of your friends to book on the same bus as you. 
  • Festive attire encouraged!  

Check-out our reviews and photos from previous years for more reasons to ride! 


How long is the experience? 

  • Total trip time is approximately 6 hours depending on traffic.
  • Guests will enjoy 3.5 hours on site at the festival.  Rest assured that we have personally tested this thousands of times and it is the perfect amount of time at the festival.  
Do I need to take the same bus back, or is it a shuttle system? 
  • This is not a shuttle system. 
  • Guests are required to take the same bus to/from Wurstfest, as you will leave any personal items that you don't wish to bring with you on the bus (coats, extra beverages, snacks, water, etc.) 
What is the age requirement? 
  • Our buses are 18 and older, proof of valid ID required at check in.
  • Guests under 21 are not permitted to drink on the bus; each bus will have an ATC Guide on board, and we'll also have security at Revelry Bar + Kitchen 
Is alcohol included? 

  • No. Entry to the festival is included, but guests need to purchase their own beverages.  
Is the festival still cash only? 
  • YES! Please bring cash to purchase beer and food on site at the festival (there are ATMs available, though there are often long lines) 

Do I need to book in advance? 

  • Yes, you do need to book your spot in advance, through this webpage. The buses have limited capacity, therefore we cannot "squeeze" anyone on who may have forgotten to grab their ticket. 


  • Please book tickets for the date and time you wish to depart Austin, but budget time to Check In (i.e The 5:15 bus leaves at 5:15, but we ask guests to arrive at Revelry Bar + Kitchen to check in at 4:45). 
  • We do allow name transfers and time / date ticket transfers based on availability. 
  • To Book Private Wheels To Wurstfest for a friend or company outing please email: contact@austintourcompany.com. 
  • To book WHEELS TO WURSTFEST - SAN ANTONIO, click here! 
  • On the limited days/times that admission to the festival is free, we have lowered our prices accordingly. 

Cancellation & Date/Time Change Policy

We will issue refunds according to the following schedule: 

100% refund if notice is given 7+ days before of the event 

50% refund if notice is given between 3-7 days of the event

No refunds will be issued if notice is given less than 3 days before the event 

You may request a date/time change up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure time. 

* "Days" are determined by the time of your reservation. Example: If your reservation is on Saturday (11/2) at 11AM, you must notify ATC of your cancellation before 11AM on Wednesday (10/30) in order to be refunded 50%, and before 11AM Saturday (10/26) to be refunded 100% 

Please email contact@austintourcompany.com with refund requests and/or questions